Our Buy Here Pay Here program is for those especially difficult cases. It’s for people with bad or no credit who are unable to provide proof of income or verification. Most consumers with bad credit or no credit believe that their only option is Buy Here Pay Here but that’s not true! Almost EVERYONE, regardless of credit is eligible for our Special Financing program. We will do our absolute best to get you the best loan that fits your situation, but in order to qualify for our special financing you must be able to prove your income. That doesn’t mean you have to get a W2. Other acceptable forms of proof can be your bank statement showing deposits. If you are unable to prove your income by one of these methods, that’s still OK! The Buy Here Pay Here program is for you! Buy Here Pay Here has a higher down payment and a generally short term loan but it can get someone driving that would be unable to in any other circumstance.

How Do I Qualify?

Are you a human? You’re Qualified.

How Do I Apply?

Even though we do not pull your credit for Buy Here Pay Here, the fastest way to get your loan is to fill out a credit application on our website. That way we will have the bulk of your information and will be able to give you a concrete down payment amount.

What Do I Need To Bring?

·         DOWN PAYMENT – Down payments for our Buy Here Pay Here program vary based on the cost of the vehicle you want to purchase. Each car is different. Generally, you will need 50% down. Some vehicles are less.

·         IDENTIFICATION – You will need identification to process your registration and contract.

·         INSURANCE – By law, you need active insurance to purchase a vehicle in Pennsylvania. If you already have insurance, you can simply call your agent or company to have it applied to your new vehicle. If not, no worries! We can help you get insurance at the store.


Buy Here Pay Here is perfect for those that cannot prove income and are working on rebuilding their credit. Apply online and we’ll get you driving TODAY!


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